Kinesiology is the study of movement, making it the perfect complimentary service to your fitness and health program. BodyMotive offers a professional, supportive and nurturing environment where we work together to remove any blockages or negative patterns that may present structurally, digestively or emotionally within your body creating pain, stress, anxiety or gut issues.

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle monitoring techniques to access information from the central nervous system to detect any imbalances stored within the body, due to stress, trauma or injury and helps promote balance and harmony within your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing, connecting mind, body and spirit as one.

Assists Sports injuries Assists Pain
Assists Digestive issues Assists Anxiety and stress
Assists Sleep disorders Assists Fears and Phobias
Assists Addictions Assists Personal and professional relationships
Assists Weight management Assists Migraines and Headaches
Assists grief, sadness or depression Assists Nausea
Assists Fatigue Assists learning difficulties
Assists Posture and primitive reflexes Assists Emotional Trauma

BodyMotive offer individual kinesiology sessions or as part of your personal training program. Contact us for more information or to book your kinesiology session.

Personal/ group and online training:

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Cancer Exercise Treatment Specialist

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“I just wanted to start your day with a heartfelt message of appreciation. What you did yesterday was nothing short of incredible. I was feeling so unwell and just in all-sorts and wondered if I should cancel and just curl up under the doona. Instead you showed me compassion, kindness and changed everything in the space of 2 hours! I went in stressed, overwhelmed, massive headache, couldn’t turn my neck, totally jammed and agitated. I floated back home with no headache, freed up, relaxed, grounded and reconnected to myself. And carrying oils, lemon and treats! My energy within and around me was entirely renewed and when I walked in Ella greeted me on the stairs with a smile saying she was so glad I’d made time for myself and done something I enjoyed and I looked happy and she had done the same, chillaxing in bed.
Mind blown 🤯
Eternal gratitude to you. You have truly found your gift!

Thank you.”