Cancer Exercise Treatment Specialist

Experiencing cancer first hand, Ant is acutely aware of the importance and benefits in exercising throughout your cancer journey.  Exercising can minimize treatment side-effects, boost morale, cancer recovery, and long-term survivorship.

Ant’s passion for this niche training technique has driven her to expanded her knowledge about all stages of cancer treatment, procedures, side-effects, surgery, including alternative treatments and how they can relate with an exercise program to build and strengthen muscles prior to treatment and surgery, during and after treatment and/or surgery.

Experienced in the intricacies and drawing on personal experience on how to navigate training safely and effectively, Ant can assess, design and work with you to support your recovery, correct muscle imbalances, understand the signs of Lymphedema, increase your flexibility & strength, improve your stamina and functional capacity, and so much more.

Ant’s training style is to provide each client with confidence, physical strength, flexibility and mental health, to help reduce pain, fatigue and improve and increase range of motion and correct any muscle imbalances.


Reduce Lymphedema Assist with Pain, posture & muscle imbalances
Build confidence and morale Assist in stress, anxiety and depression
Increase strength and flexibility Assist in minimizing side affects
Reduce fatigue Provide understanding and real life experience

Personal/ group and online training:

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