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Cancer Exercise Treatment Specialist

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Holistic health, fitness and wellbeing studio bringing together outer and inner health.

We believe that in supporting every aspect of your wellbeing during your fitness journey will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Our team will motivate you to strengthen not only your body, but also your mind. We approach personal training differently, by looking at your health from a holistically perspective to incorporate mind, body and spirit.
Offering a wide range of face to face and online training options, nutrition advice, life coaching and complementary services to encourage you to make the necessary changes so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.


BodyMotive is all about connecting with every element of your training and wellbeing. Offering a range of different health and fitness services; whether it be personal training, small group training, yoga, online, kinesiology or cancer exercise movement therapy to support your health and wellness needs.

What BodyMotive delivers:

  • Expertise, support and commitment in exercise movement, nutrition and mindfulness
  • Highly motivated team of qualified personal and group trainers, instructors and practitioners
  • State of the art secure, clean and air-conditioned studio
  • A supportive network and community
  • Personalised structured online, face to face and pre- recorded one on one or small group training sessions

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Our Team

As the principal wellness coach, Antonietta is driven by facilitating change. Whether that be through personal training, weight management, specialized cancer exercise movement, kinesiology or a combination of all.

Leisa is professionally trained in Pilates and all areas of Remedial Massage from sports to rehabilitation. Leisa specialises in low-impact training techniques using flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance movements in her training programs.

Lynne’s knowledge and skills gained from firsthand experience have been very valuable in her work as a personal trainer.

Through Yoga and Meditation Ruth brings the calm and mental wellbeing to the BodyMotive group incorporating the mind, body, spirit philosophy.

Chilli the Super Dog is a founding member of the BodyMotive team, and is so much more than just a dog.

With highly qualified trainers in fitness, cancer exercise movement, yoga, remedial massage, pilates and complementary medicine including kinesiology, our team has a wealth of personal experience, deep understanding, knowledge, career expertise and passion to bring a uniqueness to your training program and lifestyle.
Contact us today about tailoring a program that will suit your individual needs and goals